Saturday, July 24, 2010

How to make a gumpaste high heel shoe

I had got an request to make a cake with a high heel shoe on it and had no idea on how to make it. I ended up finding a gumpaste cutter set on Amazon by JEM. This workered wonders for me and was really easy. It makes a 5 inch high heel shoe and is a 9 piece cutter set.

When I made it I used 1 part fondant to 1 part gumpaste mix and it still dryed really good for me. By using fondant mixed with gumpaste it dose give you more time to work with it before it starts getting hard on you. At first the f/g did stick to the cutters but I found brushing shortening on to the cutters resolved that problem. This does have a drying form that comes with it so you are sure to get that high arch. The girl I made this cake for loved the shoe so much, she has displayed it on a shelve. I did brush it with pearl dust after it had dryed to give it a satin look.


  1. I love your blog!! :)

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