Saturday, July 24, 2010

How to make a gumpaste high heel shoe

I had got an request to make a cake with a high heel shoe on it and had no idea on how to make it. I ended up finding a gumpaste cutter set on Amazon by JEM. This workered wonders for me and was really easy. It makes a 5 inch high heel shoe and is a 9 piece cutter set.

When I made it I used 1 part fondant to 1 part gumpaste mix and it still dryed really good for me. By using fondant mixed with gumpaste it dose give you more time to work with it before it starts getting hard on you. At first the f/g did stick to the cutters but I found brushing shortening on to the cutters resolved that problem. This does have a drying form that comes with it so you are sure to get that high arch. The girl I made this cake for loved the shoe so much, she has displayed it on a shelve. I did brush it with pearl dust after it had dryed to give it a satin look.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Juggling 3 boys and baking cakes!

Yes I love to make cakes but sometimes it seems impossible to get one made. I have 3 boys from the age of 1-10 yrs old and they keep me busy. Even though 2 of my boys are in school full time, I still have a 1 yr old at home with me and he demands alot of attention. So when I have a cake to make I have to bake the cake one day and decorate it the next day. Most of the time I can't start decorating until that night after I get the boys to bed. Sometimes I will be up until 2 or 3am decorating my cakes. My husband hates me making them because he doesn't want to watch them, he just wants to be able to relax after working all day. Don't get me wrong, I know my husband works really hard but so do I. He just don't realize being a stay at home mom is a full time job all by it's self. Even Dr.Phil has said stay at home moms are like working a full time job! I told my husband that and he just rolled his eyes at me. You know after being up all night decorating a cake I still have to get up and take care of the kids, WHEN DO I GET A BREAK!!

I will be blogging on here about how to make cakes and how to do different techniques for cakes. I have self tought my self alot of things and I would like to share it with you. I will also blog about my life, any interests that come up or opinions that I might have, but for the most part it will be about making cakes.